John Archer Award

The John Archer Award

This award was instituted in 1990 in memory of one of the most dedicated, active members of the C.S.R.T. whose life was taken at an early age by a fatal heart attack in 1989. John was President of the CSRT in 1965. He devoted most of his professional life as an avid and conscientious member and chairman of the Legislative Committees. He worked intently to help draw up the verbiage and eventual passage of the Radiation Safety Law by the 1992-1993 legislative session, elevating Connecticut’s radiologic technologists to professional status through licensure.

This award is presented to an exemplary CSRT member in recognition for outstanding service and commitment to the Society.

Criteria for the John Archer Award:

  1. Must be a CSRT member for at least 10 years.
  2. Must have actively participated on a standing committee or as a committee chairman, have served on the Executive Board and whose efforts produced an impact on the Society.
  3. Must exemplify professionalism by carrying forth the goals and ideals of the Society through their actions and in their work environment.
  4. Nominations must be submitted to the Awards chairman for consideration by the Awards Committee.
  5. The Awards Committee will submit the name/s of the eligible candidate/s with their recommendation to the Executive Board for approval.
  6. Only one award may be given annually.

1990 James Riddick, RT(R)
1991 Judy Gionfriddo, RT(R) *
1992 John Boccaccio, RT(R)
1993 Weymouth Spence, Ed.D., RT(R)
1994 Josephine (Jo) Picone, RT(R)
1995 Janet Gordon, RT(R)
1997 Diana Wozniak, RT(R)(M)
1998 Diane Smith, RT(R)(M)(MR)
1999 Jean DeRiso, RT(R)
2000 Nancy Gurry-Neligon, BS,RT(R)
2001 Elaine Lisitano, BS, RT(R)
2002 Susan Morison, M.Ed., RT(R)(M)
2003 Shirley Pinette, MS, RT(R)(M)(QM)
2005 Diane Kosenko, RT(R)(CV)(CT)
2006 Denise Byron, RT(R)
2009 Marie Wilde, RT(R)
2010 William Hennessy, MHS, RT(R)(M)(QM)
2013 Sharon Ritton-Holly, RT(R)


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