Josephine M. Picone Lifetime Achievement Award

Josephine M. Picone Lifetime Achievement Award

Over the years, the CSRT has had some exemplary members who have laid down a solid foundation for the Society to build upon. These members, for over 20 years of their professional lives, were hard-working, never-tiring leaders who moved the Society forward. They have lifted the Society, giving it strength and dignity. This award honors these individuals and is named after Jo Picone who has been a dedicated, active member of the CSRT since 1957. Life members shall not pay dues and will have all the privileges and obligations of Society members.

*Sister Josepha, MS, RT(R)
*Henry LaVette, RT(R)
*Esther Williams, RT(R)
*Laurence Cowles,RT(R)
*H. Linsley Ruwet, RT(R)
*Ella-Mae Marable, RT(R)
*Louis DaVilio, RT(R)
*Roger Turrill, RT(R)
*Nicholas Barraco, RT(R)
*Ralph Coates, RT(R)
*Samuel Russo, RT(R) 1977
*John Archer, RT(R) 1984
Donald Bergeron, RT(R) 1986
Patricia Taylor,RT(R) 1987
Josephine (Jo) Picone 1996
John Boccaccio, RT(R) 1997
James Riddick, RT(R) 1997
Diane Smith, AS,RT(R)(M)(MR) 2002
Jean DeRiso, AS, RT(R) 2007
Diane Kosenko, RT(R)(CT)(CV) 2010
Elaine Lisitano, BS,RT(R) 2012


Criteria for the Lifetime Achievement Award:

  1. Awarded to an active member of the society who has performed outstsnding continuous service to the CSRT for at least twenty (20) years.
  2. Has demonstrated active participation, having served as a chairman of a standing committee, held office, and have produced a positive impact on the Society.
  3. Candidate’s name will be submitted to the Awards Committee. A minimum 65 points system will be utilized to determine eligibility. The Awards Committee will try to keep this confidential but a resume and other documents may be needed for verification.
  4. Life member candidate will be voted upon by the Executive Board following the recommendation of the Awards Committee.
  5. Life member candidate must have a ¾ vote of the Executive Board to be approved.
  6. Only one Lifetime Achievement Award will be given annually.
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