Our History

Our History

By Diane Smith – Historian

In 1937, following a series of educational meetings sponsored by Picker Mfg. Co. at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, it was proposed that the “X-ray Technicians” of this state organize a society for mutual benefit and interest. Two planning meetings were held for this purpose on Nov.18 & 26, 1937. Committee members consisted of Miss E. Drauss, Miss Marjorie Parker, Mr. W. McKinley, Mr. W. Boyles, Mr. Morris and Miss Esther Williams.

On Dec. 2, the first meeting for such a society was held at Hartford Hospital and the CT Society of X-ray Technicians was officially founded on Jan 11, 1938.  Miss Esther Williams, one of the meeting organizers, was chosen as President until the 1st Annual Meeting, three months later in April, when Kenneth Sturtz was elected as the new President.

The By-laws of the Society at the time called for 8 educational meetings annually, scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month from Oct – May. The board consisted of 6 members: President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Committee Chairman, and Nominating Committee Chairman. These people were elected at the last meeting held in May and assumed their duties in October at the first meeting.

The following year, 1939, Laurence Cowles was elected President, followed by H. Linsley Ruwet in 1940. It was during his term that the CSXT applied for affiliation with the American Society of X-ray Technicians which it received on Nov. 22, 1940.

Road to Licensure

The CSRT (CSXT) strove to achieve professional recognition through licensure for over 46 years. Beginning in 1947, many of our leaders  worked tirelessly toward this goal. After several decades, this was finally realized when Gov. Weicker signed our landmark Bill on June 28, 1993.

  • 1947 – CSXT introduces first bill for state licensure under Pres. Henry LaVette
  • 1978 – Renewal of push for Licensure begins (John Archer, Sam Russo, Pat Taylor) Public Act 78-239 “Act Concerning the Diagnostic Use of X-rays” passes but no Rules or Regulations are developed – Pres. Maura Wilson re-activates Legislative Committee
  • 1981 – Pres. Regan signs “Consumer-Pt Radiation Health and Safety Act 1981” Opens the door for establishing minimum standards
  • 1982 – CSRT uses media to bring attention to the public
  • 1986 – CSRT (Marlene Pieger, Bob Stevens, Diane Smith) sends letter to Gov. O’Neill to urge him to bring the state into compliance with the law. Ad Hoc Com. Formed – legal counsel obtained, help sought from state legislators, TV coverage
  • 1986-93 – Extensive media blitz utilizing TV and newspapers Congresswomen Nancy Wyman and Nancy Johnson help promote our cause – Rep. Wyman introduces Bill
  • 1993 – Bill Passes! Gov Weicker signs Bill June 28, 1993


Following the passage of our Licensure Bill in 1993, the CSRT has been very active in promoting our organization and in protecting the interests of Connecticut’s Registered Technologists through legislative activities. The following are some of our milestones:

1991 – Lobbyist is hired to pursue Licensure
1993 – Licensure Bill passes
1994 – Non-profit status is achieved
1996 – Bill passes allowing Students to work pending results of Registry Exam
2005 – CSRT Internet Website set-up -csrtinc.org
2008 – Lobbyist hired to represent Technologists interests in the Legislature
2011 – CSRT forces mandate of Continuing Ed. for P.A.’s performing radiologic procedures
2012 – Redesign of Website  – csrt.us
2013 – CSRT utilizes social media – FB & LinkedIn
2014 – S.B. 242 passes mandating paid sick leave for Technologists

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