The Gail Pitkin Award
This award is presented to a lecturer whose presentation has been approved by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists for continuing educational credits. The content of the topic must be present in philosophy with the profession of radiologic technology and again with the goals and ideals of the society.

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Josephine M. Picone Lifetime Achievement Award
Over the years, the CSRT has had some exemplary members who have laid down a solid foundation for the Society to build upon. These members, for over 20 years of their professional lives, were hard-working, never-tiring leaders who moved the Society forward. They have lifted the Society, giving it strength and dignity. This award honors these individuals and is named after Jo Picone who has been a dedicated, active member of the CSRT since 1957. Life members shall not pay dues and will have all the privileges and obligations of Society members.

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John Archer Award
This award was instituted in 1990 in memory of one of the most dedicated, active members of the C.S.R.T. whose life was taken at an early age by a fatal heart attack in 1989. John was President of the CSRT in 1965. He devoted most of his professional life as an avid and conscientious member and chairman of the Legislative Committees. He worked intently to help draw up the verbiage and eventual passage of the Radiation Safety Law by the 1992-1993 legislative session, elevating Connecticut’s radiologic technologists to professional status through licensure.

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Submit a Candidate
If you have a potential candidate to submit for either the John Archer Award or the Josephine Picone Lifetime Achievement award please fill out and submit your nominee below. Your submission will be emailed to and reviewed by Diane Smith and the awards committee.

John Archer AwardJosephine Picone Lifetime Achievement Award

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